Dallas Axe Throwing

Viking Axe Throwing is an action-packed activity for friends, family and co-workers near the Dallas area! Our Dallas axe throwing facility has 12-foot lane that features two World Axe Throwing League-sized targets and a selection of competition-grade axes to use! We also have our classic Arcade Video Games, where you can play fighting games, shooting games, and racing games galore. There’s something for everyone!

With reservation being private and options for up to 30 players, come hangout for your next date night, birthday party, or corporate team building event. Dallas, TX is home to top entertainment attractions like “Klyde Warren Park“, “Reunion Tower“, “John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza“, and “Perot Museum”!

Bachelor/ette Parties

Your bachelor/bachelorette party is supposed to be the single most epic night of your life with your closest friends. There’s no better way to start an epic night to remember than with an axe in hand! Instead of debating where to go, get your friends together for an unconventional night at our Dallas axe throwing lane that’s sure to take care of any pre-wedding jitters. Enjoy one to two hours of fun! Book Now

Birthday Parties

Looking to try something new for a fun and exciting birthday celebration? Say no more fam. An axe throwing birthday is more than just a party. It’s part competition and part extreme night out where you and your friends are the entertainment. Together, you’ll hurl axes in a chill and fun environment, cheer each other on, and focus on being in the moment! Plus, you can bring your own food and beer (extra fee applies). Enjoy some arcade games also while you’re here for a complete afternoon of FUN.

Corporate Events

Anything but a typical office party, Viking Axe Throwing is redefining corporate and team building events with a unique experience that you won’t forget. Stepping outside of the ordinary, our Dallas axe throwing facility provides an informal, fun-fueled place where your team or clients can really let loose and enjoy themselves. Plus, there’s arcade games, competition-grade axes and targets, and up to two hours of FUN! Schedule your next event with Viking Axe Throwing.

Viking Axe Throwing Pricing

Viking Axe Throwing is located in the Dallas, TX area and is a great activity for all ages. With various pricing options for groups of 2-10 or 20-30 players, there is surely something to fit your needs. Our Dallas axe throwing facility is the perfect spot for your next outing! Enjoy a private axe throwing lane, unlimited arcade games for before and after your game, and up to one or two hours of play time. Additionally, if you're new to the game, no worries! We have a pre-game axe throwing tutorial to help beginners get started.

axe throwing

For Groups of 2-10 Players
100% Private Axe Throwing Lane
Unlimited Arcade Games
Pre-Game Axe Throwing Tutorial
Bring Your Own Food
BYOB (Extra Fee Applies)
1 Hour of Play Time

$25+Tax Per Player


For Groups of 2-10 Players
100% Private Axe Throwing Lane
Unlimited Arcade Games
Pre-Game Axe Throwing Tutorial
Bring Your Own Food
BYOB (Extra Fee Applies)
2 Hours of Play Time

$40+Tax Per Player


For Groups of 20-30 Players
100% Private Axe Throwing Lanes
Unlimited Arcade Games
Pre-Game Axe Throwing Tutorial
Bring Your Own Food
BYOB (Extra Fee Applies)
2 Hours of Playtime

$35+Tax Per Player

Axe Throwing 101

Axe throwing has been recently rapidly growing and spreading in popularity throughout the United States as a new favorite bar game and sport. The axe throwing pastime is expected to only continue to grow in popularity for many years to come, especially among the younger demographic.

Axe Throwing Targets

Axe throwing bears resemblance to dart throwing. Players’ objective is to safely throw their axe towards the target to hit it as close as possible to the target. Axe throwing targets have:

Axe Throwing

Target Points

  • • Bullseye (6 points)
    • • Innermost ring, closest to bullseye (4 points)
    • • 2nd innermost ring (3 points)
    • • 3rd innermost ring (2 points)
    • • Outermost ring (1 point)
  • • Killshot, two small dots on the outer ring (8 points)

Note: Players can only attempt the killshot at certain times during the game.

Axe Throwing Rules

When you book an evening for your Dallas axe throwing party, you’ll want to know what the rules are for axe throwing before you begin. This ensures your safety and the safety of other players around you, and helps everyone to have as much fun as possible.


• A standard game of axe throwing includes ten throws, followed by the tiebreakers.

• The player with the highest number of points after the ten throws wins. In an axe throwing game, the highest score that can be achieved is 64 points (8×6)+(2×8).

• The killshot is available to attempt on the fifth and tenth throws of the match.

How to Safely & Correctly Throw an Axe

Before throwing your axe, you’ll want to know some safety measures to protect yourself and other fellow players during gameplay. Additionally, having a proper understanding of how to throw also helps you become more proficient at axe throwing, so that you can become a pro in no time!

At Viking Axe Throwing, we do have a pre-game axe throwing tutorial to help players new to the sport learn axe throwing rules before giving it a go.

Below are some general guidelines to follow to ensure everyone’s safety:

Axe Throwing

• Prior to throwing your axe, you’ll want to ensure that the area around you is clear of other players. Don’t throw your axe while someone is near the target or walking towards the target to collect their axe. You will want to have a minimum of a 6-foot radius surrounding you that is clear of other players. Keep a “throw together, retrieve together” mindset when playing. Everyone should throw their axes, and then everyone should approach the board at the same time to retrieve their axes.

• Before throwing your axe, be sure to sharpen it. This not only helps it to stick to the target easier, it also lessens potential of causing a dangerous throw to players around you. After sharpening your axe, DO NOT touch the blade directly, to avoid slicing your fingers. As a general rule, the sharper and thinner the profile of your axe, the more readily it will stick to your target.

• When throwing your axe, you’ll want to ensure you have a firm grip on it. This is similar to a grip on a baseball bat. Keep the head of your axe as straight to the target as possible to prevent it from flying sideways.

Axe Throwing Techniques

2 Ways to Throw Your Axe:

1. Two-handed throw over the head. (Better for beginners). Grip the axe with both hands, bringing your axe back over your head. This is much like throwing a soccer ball. We recommend keeping a lighter grip on the axe with two fists (like when holding a golf club). The harder you grip onto the axe, the more it will become difficult when you need to release while also keeping the axe straight. Next, bring your arms and axe forward and release once your hands line up with where you want to throw, at eye level. Don’t use any wrist motion or try to guide the axe throw with your fingers. Just release the axe and let it follow its path to the target.

2. One-handed throw over the shoulder. (More advanced). To start, you should line up your right shoulder and foot (or left shoulder and foot) with the target’s bullseye. This is similar to a game of darts. To begin, swing your axe beside your leg and use that momentum to bring up the axe up past the ear of the throwing hand. Release the axe once your throwing arm is parallel to the floor. When throwing the axe using the one-handed throw, upon release, don’t use any wrist motion or attempt to guide the throw with your fingers. Just release the grip on your axe and allow its momentum to throw it forward.

Tip: If you find that you’re dropping your axe frequently and you’re using the one-handed throw technique, try switching to the two-hand method to gain more power in your throws.

Axe Throwing

Proper Distance from the Target:

How close should I stand to the target during an axe throwing game?

The proper distance from the target is important to the success of your gameplay.

As a general rule of thumb, you will want to stand about 12 feet away from the target, however, you may need to adjust where you’re standing depending on how the axe hits the board. Watch for when your axe isn’t landing flush with the target.

Below are some guidelines to follow:

• If the blade of the axe hits the board, you are standing at the perfect distance away from the target!

• If the top of your axe hit the board, it was over-rotated. To adjust, you will need to take a half step closer to the target.

• Did the bottom of the axe hit the board? The throw was under rotated. To adjust, you should take a half step back away from the target.

You’re well on your way to throwing like a pro!

About Our Dallas Axe Throwing Facility

There’s something for everyone at our private Dallas axe throwing lanes. Our clean facility offers a 12-foot lane with two World Axe Throwing League-sized targets, plenty of competition-grade axes, and an area with arcade video games. Our visitors enjoy our services and atmosphere, which make our environment a great choice for any party, family get-together, or just a fun evening with a friend.

No matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned axe-thrower, book now and enjoy the experience using competition-grade axes with competition-sized targets! Whether it’s just you and your partner, or a large bachelorette party for up to 30 players, you’re sure to enjoy an epic night! Call Viking Axe Throwing now at 972-896-2574 to book a one or two-hour night of axe throwing.

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